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Working Out the Craft at USC

Unfortunate logo reflection courtesy of Photo Booth on my beloved mac

I love rainy days in Los Angeles because they’re such a novelty.  But I’d love to spend them wrapped in a blanket reading by a cozy fireplace.  So I was less than thrilled to make my way at 9 am to the USC School of Cinematic Arts to perform a scene for a class of writing students.  A former acting teacher of mine, Wendy Phillips, teaches the class, and I agreed to perform a scene written and directed by a pair of students because, well…  because I would do almost anything for Wendy.  So I got my butt there.  And it was sooooo much fun!  Sometimes I lose track of how refreshing it can be to work with a group of developing artists who are so excited about their craft, and so unjaded (is that a word?) about the industry.  So it was a good morning.  Plus, I got a mug.  See?  Totally worth it.

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