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Deliver Relevant Content Consistently #MMT

Aja's Marketing Tip (image) Founder, Ajarae Coleman







On Mondays in 2015, I’ll be sharing a marketing tip for actors and entrepreneurs. Today’s tip is from a book I’m reading called BRANDSCAPING: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, by Andrew M. Davis. He writes: “In the #digital world, the value of your content is determined by the audience it garners on a regular basis… To get people to commit to your content, it has to be relevant to them — and you have to deliver it frequently. It also has to be of high quality — and I’m talking quality in terms of substance, not necessarily production value.” #MondayMarketingTip #consistency #results #digitalworld #contentcreation #power #2015 #holla

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Support BookPALS

As many of you know, I read to first graders at a nearby elementary school, and it’s one of my favorite activities.  Our organization, BookPALS is celebrating 20 years, and we’re asking for $20 donations from our supporters.  And if you’re a SAG/AFTRA member, consider giving a couple hours of your time each week and join us as a reader.  You’ll love it.

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A message of love and hope

veritasHarvard President Drew Faust shared a message with the Harvard community yesterday and I really appreciated it, so I wanted to pass it along to you.  I’ve tried to keep abreast of the facts regarding the Boston marathon bombing without plugging in to the bombardment of fear and hate that has come with the tragedy.  President Faust reminds us of our gratitude to the people who have worked tirelessly this week and the examples of “the extraordinary goodness that these terrible events has paradoxically generated.”

Dear Members of the Harvard Community:

We are deeply grateful to law enforcement officials from Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown and from across the state and nation for their apprehension last evening of the surviving suspect in the marathon bombing. Continue Reading →