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Working Out the Craft at USC

Unfortunate logo reflection courtesy of Photo Booth on my beloved mac

I love rainy days in Los Angeles because they’re such a novelty.  But I’d love to spend them wrapped in a blanket reading by a cozy fireplace.  So I was less than thrilled to make my way at 9 am to the USC School of Cinematic Arts to perform a scene for a class of writing students.  A former acting teacher of mine, Wendy Phillips, teaches the class, and I agreed to perform a scene written and directed by a pair of students because, well…  because I would do almost anything for Wendy.  So I got my butt there.  And it was sooooo much fun!  Sometimes I lose track of how refreshing it can be to work with a group of developing artists who are so excited about their craft, and so unjaded (is that a word?) about the industry.  So it was a good morning.  Plus, I got a mug.  See?  Totally worth it.

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I met my Pencil Pal today!

Amberlyn and Ajarae

hanging out with Amberlyn, my PencilPAL

Today I finally met Amberlyn, my Pencil Pal for this school year at Hawaiian Avenue Elementary School in Wilmington!  We had a blast talking to each other for the first time after exchanging letters all year.  We played Connect Four and ate pizza in the school courtyard, and chatted with the rest of Amberlyn’s class.  Being a PencilPAL, or a BookPAL (reading to a classroom for at least one hour a week) is a hugely rewarding experience.  If you’re a SAG-AFTRA member, and want to check out this SAG Foundation program, visit the BookPALS website.