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ARG Pro Member of The Month: Mike Dolphy

Today we’re starting a new tradition at Acting Resource Guru!

We’re shifting the spotlight onto YOU. Specifically, our ARG Pro Members. Even more specifically, a kick-ass Pro Member, Mike Dolphy.

ARG Pros are just that: Pros. We are a solid community of actors who act like the CEOs they are. ARG Pros work every day toward furthering their acting careers, they understand how the industry works and what steps need to be taken, and best of all – ARG Pros work!

Today we’re highlighting Mike Dolphy. Mike first went Pro a couple of years ago, and since then his career has TAKEN off. When we spoke for our interview he was actually on set in wardrobe! Mike is a prime example of the results you can get when you take ownership of your acting career.

Mike has a ton of tidbits to share about his career, his training, what it means to be a Pro and what you can do to help further your own career, including:

    • how he booked his recent co-star on ALL AMERICAN
    • how his training opened up doors for him even after his agent told him he “knew nothing” about commercials
    • how he decided to do something productive with his commercial money
    • advice he got from Viola Davis and Don Cheadle about what really makes you successful in this industry

Check it all out below!

Read the full blog and get all the info! 🙂

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