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Talent Submission Report: Know Your Numbers As An Actor

Today is the end of April which means it’s the end of Agent Month at ARG!

We’ve covered a LOT this month, from what different types of agent contracts mean to when you might consider dropping your rep.

To wrap it all up, today I’m sharing a pro tip that will help you evaluate your career and make some changes. Today we’re going to break down why you need to see your talent submission report.

A talent submission report is a simple report that shows you what roles your reps have submitted you for. There are lots of ways you can use this report to further your own growth as an actor, and help your rep get you more auditions, so watch the video and get your action items! There’s a ton of info in this one, so be sure to watch until the end!

Read the full blog and get all the info! 🙂

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