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How To Write KILLER Reviews (and win prizes in the process!)

The #GuruReviewChallenge is on this month!

Have you had a chance to explore the brand new features of Acting Resource Guru?!
We’ve added profiles and anonymous review options for every talent agency, management company, acting school and acting coach in Los Angeles and New York, and today I’m showing you how to write some killer reviews!
Today’s #GuruTip is broken up into two parts: Agent/Manager Reviews andย Acting School/Coach Reviews. In each I break the process down into three general steps, andย go into detail about each of those steps to clarify any questions, and give you tips on what to write and how to write it!

Rule of thumb: it’s always easiest to write a review immediately after your meeting or class, so don’t wait! And remember, each review you write gives you credit towards winning someย amazing prizes.ย See it all below!

Each week I post a weekly blog onย, focusing on tips and best practices for actors. Watchย them all atย!

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