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How To Research Talent Agents (the right way!)

If you’re looking for an agent, now is the time to look. Don’t wait.

Really though. Pretty soon the summer will be over and episodic season will be here, so let’s get those meetings going!!
That’s encouraging, right? But not exactly helpful. There’s a lot of advice out there telling you to get those meetings, but not exactly how to do your due diligence, so I wanted to discuss that today.
How do I get those meetings? Can I just pick up the phone? How do I choose which agent to try to schedule a meeting with?!
Today I’m diving deep and teaching you eight simple steps that will help you research the agents you want to be in front of… While avoiding those you may not want or be ready for.
Plus learn how you can win a whole bunch of prizes in this week’s GuruTips!!

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