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The Easy Way to Learn Your Lines

10 page audition… tomorrow morning. Welp.
If you’re an actor, you’ve experienced the struggle to learn your lines. Sometimes you get lucky and can have the weekend to look over a script and… sometimes you get the 12-page audition the night before, with two speeches.
Learning your lines can be tough (especially with the “do you hold your script” debate), so I’m letting you in on my secret that has totally transformed the way I memorize: The RehearsalPro App. David H. Lawrence XVII is one of my good friends, so when this app hit the market I was excited to try it out, and never did I realize how often I would be using it! If you ever have to worry if your roommate will be home to run through your lines, or what to do when you get that last minute audition – this is the app for you.
Be sure to read to the bottom, I’ve got a special invitation you don’t want to miss out on – especially if you’re in LA!

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