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How To Craft Your Actor Go-Plan

Make plans – get an audition. It’s the rule.
I have some very exciting news! I booked a guest star on NCIS: New Orleans, so I’m headed there now to shoot! As you may have been aware, today we had scheduled our Red Carpet Launch of Acting Resource Guru… but obviously I’m traveling, so we pushed it to June 6th. We all know the rule – if you make plans (or book a flight) you can be guaranteed to get an audition or booking. I’m pretty that’s happened 100% of the time for me.
This made me realize: as actors our schedule can be a bit… weird. Our calendars have to be flexible to be able to accommodate these last minute auditions and bookings, so I’m here to explain some simple steps you can to prepare NOW so you can enjoy the journey rather than stress out about it later.

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