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How To Prepare For Your Pilot Season Audition | #PilotSeasonSeries Vol. 3

We’re back with Volume 3 of our #PilotSeasonSeries! January is halfway over and that means that pilot season is here. How are your auditions coming along? Remember, series regulars tend to be cast first, so if you’re waiting for the co-stars and guest stars, they usually are cast in February, but use your time wisely. Research all you can and be super prepared for when the audition comes in.

In last week’s episode I spoke on how to research your pilot audition, and this week we go in depth in how to prepare your material and what to expect in your pilot audition. Remember- acting is fun. 🙂

Now, if this is all a little too much for you, it’s okay. Maybe you just moved to LA (or you’re not even in LA yet), then you do not want to miss this episode of #GuruTips.

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