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How To Nail Your Online Casting Submissions

As actors, we audition. That’s a given… but what comes before auditions?

Easy answer: submissions.
Casting directors get lots of submissions from agents, managers, and actors every day, and I mean a lot of submissions. For the average co-star role, thousands of actors can be submitted for 20 audition slots (and that’s considered a full schedule). It can feel hopeless, I know; so what is there to do? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Join me this week as I sit down again with the creators of CastingAbout, Blair Hickey and Brian Wold, to share with you exactly what goes on after you hit ‘submit’ and what you can do as actors to up-level your submissions so you’re more likely to be seen. There are so many actionable steps to take, so what are you waiting for??

Watch this week’s #GuruTips with CastingAbout here!

Miss our last video with CastingAbout? Watch as we ‘break down’ the casting process here! Or learn how to optimize your ActorsAccess profile in one of our previous #GuruTips videos!

We love working with CastingAbout, and know that our members love using this amazing resource, so we got you a deal! You can get yourself a week of CastingAbout absolutely FREE by going to!Each week I post a weekly blog on, focusing on tips and best practices for actors. Watch them all at!

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