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Okay, you do not understand how long I’ve been waiting to release this video. Some backstory first: We love casting workshops, but especially doing casting workshops effectively. This means crafting your target list, researching the shows you want to be on, and knowing what offices you should be getting in front of. It’s that last part that is crucial, and the best resource out there is CastingAbout compiles every casting office (including theatrical/film, commercials, theatre) in LA and NYC, with what project they currently are casting, as well as which casting director, associate and assistant, are on each project. Using WorkshopGuru and CastingAbout in tandem is one of the strongest marketing combinations you can do.

This is why I’m super excited to share this episode of GuruTips! We got to sit down with the creators of CastingAbout, Blair Hickey and Brian Wold, in the Breakdown Services headquarters, and share not only how this website started, but everything you should know about the casting process. Plus, we’re bringing Blair and Brian back for the next two weeks to share even more pro-tips on how you can make yourself stand out to casting!

We love working with CastingAbout, and know that our members love using this amazing resource, so we got you a deal!

You can get yourself a week of CastingAbout absolutely FREE by going to!

Watch this week’s #GuruTips with CastingAbout here!

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