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The Year-End Wrap Up Exercise!

Can you believe 2018 is almost here?!

Looking back on 2017, it is insane how much has happened… Workshop Guru became Acting Resource Guru… We added a TON of new features to the site… I guest starred on NCIS: New Orleans… a pretty sweet year! ?
One of my year-end end habits is a wrap exercise that helps me reflect on this year, and prepare to confidently set goals for next year. So this week I’m sharing it with you!
This exercise will help you reflect on what worked this year, what didn’t, what’s stopping you, and what matters. I’m also sharing with you my Actor’s Wheel Of Life exercise, that will help you get clarity on these answers! (Don’t worry, it’s fun!)
I share this and more in this week’s #GuruTips, so be sure to watch below!

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