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How To Get Stuff DONE Over The Holiday Break!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Holidays!

We’re almost to the end of 2017, and I cannot believe how fast this year has gone! If you’re like me, you’re already preparing for next year’s pilot season (check out our #PilotSeasonSeries if you need any tips!)
But remember, the upcoming break is also supposed to be a vacation! You should be spending quality time with your family and friends, especially because the industry usually doesn’t shut down long enough for you to take off.
HOWEVER. As an actress and a businessperson, I know that sometimes, realistically, work needs to get done over the break. Maybe it’s a headshot I need to get uploaded, or a new scene I need to add to my reel, or updating my IMDb… Whatever it is, I’ve outlined all the steps you can take to ensure you get your work done while on break, not ruffle any feathers with your family, and still get to enjoy quality time on vacation!

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