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When Is It Time To Move On From Your Agent?

It’s April, which mean’s it’s officially Agent Month at Acting Resource Guru!

Pilot Season is winding down, agents and managers are starting to take meetings and it’s time for you to get to work!

Today’s #GuruTip is about a… pretty scary topic. What should you do and when is it time to “move on” from your agent? Or even more clearly – how do you fire your agent?

This one’s tough because we worked so hard to get a meeting, to get signed, to keep that relationship and… it can feel like we’re throwing it away. Even so, moving on from your agent is sometimes an important step in your career.

Today I explain some situations when you should consider firing your rep, and how to do it respectfully so you don’t burn any bridges. Watch it all below!

Read the full blog and get all the info! 🙂

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