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What Does “SAG Franchised” Mean?

Did you know SAG-AFTRA enters into agreements with talent agencies?

OK – that actually makes a lot of sense. But did you know there are actually two other talent agency trade organizations? I’m talking about the ATA (Association of Talent Agents) and the NATR (National Association of Talent Representatives).

Between ATA, NATR and SAG Franchised Agencies it all can get… pretty confusing.

It’s time we finally demystified all of this and answered… what the heck does “SAG Franchised” even mean? And what’s the difference between ATA and NATR? Is one better than the other? Am I even allowed to be with one or the other!?

I’ve got you covered. I break this all down in this week’s #GuruTip, so check it out below!

Read the full blog and get all the info! 🙂

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