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How To Manage Your Money As An Actor

Happy Tuesday! Every Thursday morning I sit down with my wonderful Actors Who Get It Facebook group, and have coffee (well… tea), and teach something I know would benefit actors of all levels.

This past Thursday’s Coffee Chat was in response to a worry I know many actors have faced, including myself, at some point in their career: money.

Learning how to manage my money has been pretty nerve-wracking sometimes. The nature of our work means that our incomes often fluctuate, even when we are doing well! I shared an incredible budget tracker with the group, and I got such a positive response, I wanted to share it with all of you too!

In this FB-live replay, I’m showing you practical ways you can learn to manage your money as an actor. (Note: Links to all of the resources/books/audiobooks I mention are below!)

Each week I post a weekly blog on, focusing on tips and best practices for actors. Watch them all at!

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