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The Best Way To Start Your Day | #HealthyActorSeries

Happy Tuesday! I’m back with Paula Pister, a Yoga, Health & Lifestyle Coach, to discuss new ways to think about your health, and give some easy tips that you can implement to improve your health right NOW.

In Week One, we began the conversation by discussing one of the MOST important elements of life: SLEEP, including how much it can transform your day and why your sleep time has to be non-negotiable.
In Week Two, we dove deeper by learning some easy ways to nourish your actor instrument, that is, YOU! (In particular, Paula also explains the importance of WHEN to eat.)
We’re wrapping up the #HealthyActorSeries this week by showing you the BEST way to start your day, so you can not only wake up energized and rested, but also be confident you’ll feel accomplished by the time you go back to sleep!
Watch Week Three with Paula below!

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