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What You Should Be Doing The Night Before An Audition

Time for some pro-tips that have nothing to do with your performance.

Picture this: You have an audition tomorrow. You’ve prepped your character, made your choices, learned your lines, rehearsed with a coach… you’re ready to have a kick-ass audition. GREAT!

But… what about the tiny technical things that we often forget about? On this particular day, maybe you forgot that the FOX parking lot is a 15 minute walk away, so you arrived late, stressed out, and probably a little sweaty. So much for that great audition.

Once I had an producer’s session and didn’t notice it was on the opposite side of town from my first audition. There was a little panic, but I got through it and still made it on time (barely!). But it was in that moment that I realized so many actors come to auditions stressed out about things that have nothing to do with the audition! It’s time to break the cycle!

Today I’m listing everything you should be doing the night before the audition… from learning who the casting team is, to mapping out where you’re actually going. This are often overlooked details that can make a severe impact on your performance.

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