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The Must-Have Agent Action Guide!

Happy Tuesday! So, today I’m doing things a little bit differently.
I was readying this week’s video and I realized there was something that’s been on my mind.

A while ago I interviewed Theo Caesar and Facé of 90210 Talent Agency in our Agent Series and we got some great info, including tips for actors, how to rock your agent meeting, and becoming your agent’s favorite client.
But when were making those videos, there was a LOT of information, and there was no way I could share everything there was to say, just for the sake of time.
So I wanted to fill in the gaps. I’ve put together a brand new Agent Action Guide: How To Meet, Sign & Love Your Agent No Matter What Your Resume Looks Like. It’s a downloadable PDF so you get it immediately and get to keep it FOREVER.
I am so excited to share this with you because there is SO much info here.

Each week I post a weekly blog on, focusing on tips and best practices for actors. Watch them all at!

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