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“I want to do more for my career but I don’t want to come across as desperate!”

How many times have you had this thought? If you’re like us and are taking control of your career, it’s one that can pop up pretty easily. Especially when it comes to casting workshops. So what IS that line?

We’re back again with Kym Jackson, an amazing actress and writer of The Hollywood Survival Guide, an incredible resource of everything actors in LA need to know.

Kym explains so many specific, actionable details in the video below, including things you can do to avoid that awkward desperate unease, so you can make sure all of your hard work is seen in a positive, proactive light!

Watch all 3 videos with Kym Jackson- we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Video 1 – Clearing Out Your Life & Improving Your Focus

Video 2 – How To Network Effectively At Hollywood Industry Events

Video 3 – Productivity Vs Desperation As An Actor

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