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WHAT the heck is going on with casting workshops!?

As we all know, the casting workshop industry in Los Angeles has been… rather weird in recent months.
There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air, and no one can really give a CLEAR answer as to what’s going on and what we should be doing as actors. I get questions all the time from Workshop Guru members, coaching clients, GuruTips viewers, YouTube subscribers, (not to mention the random actors on Instagram) but recently they’ve all been along the same lines:
WHAT the heck is going on with casting workshops?!
Wait… are workshops even legal anymore?
Should I be doing workshops now? Will I get in trouble if I do?
What about those criminal charges I heard about?!
I’ve decided to clear the air, because there has been too much crazy in this tumultuous time, so I’ve written a bonus e-book for Workshop Guru yearly members to help you navigate the craziness. It’s called the Workshop Survival Guide: A Member’s Guide to Understanding & Navigating the Casting Workshop Weirdness in LA.
In this Survival Guide I include:
  • clarification of the law and whether casting workshops are legal
  •  a breakdown of what the casting directors and workshops owners were charged with
  • the results and evidence presented at the first hearing last week
  • what casting directors think of actors who are doing workshops right now
  • what you can do besides workshops to learn from and connect with casting directors
  • my prediction about the future of casting workshops
Oh, and have I mentioned? It’s free!

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