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How To Take A
Smart Actor Vacation

If you’re like me, then now that it’s Summer, you are READY for a vacation. But we’re actors… so we don’t take vacations, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. We’re people first, meaning we do deserve a vacation just like everybody else, but we should just make sure we’re taking smart vacations. While the industry doesn’t shut down like it used to in the summer anymore, it does slow down, meaning you have the opportunity to: A. Take a vacation! and B. Stay in town and take advantage of the fact there are fewer actors in town.

Okay, so, what do I mean by a “smart” vacation?

I mean going and enjoying yourself in your time off, but also preparing and readying yourself for the upcoming episodic season once the industry is back into full swing. And this week I’m giving you some of my own personal favorite tips to doing just that.

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