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How To Build Relationships With Casting

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to get the inside scoop on casting from Blair Hickey and Brian Wold of CastingAbout, one of my favorite resources.

First I explained exactly how the casting process works, then I showed you what the process looks like from the casting perspective and how to rock your online submissions.

So today we’re taking you full circle and wrapping it up by giving you tips and actionable steps that you can take to build relationships with casting directors and associates! We want them to think of you BEFORE they release a breakdown and thousands of actors submit.

Casting directors are gatekeepers to booking work, so actors can sometimes get… a little anxious, and come across as a bit desperate. (Brian describes it as the “me-me-me” attitude). But casting directors are people too! They really just want to find actors who can play the roles they need to fill. As human beings, we all have a desire to work with people we know we can rely on, and CDs are no different. That is why building lasting relationships with casting directors is one of the keys to an actor’s success!

Join us for week three with CastingAbout, and be sure to have a pen and paper ready!

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