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Lumosity brain gamesAs many of you know, I just traveled back to home to New Jersey to celebrate my birthday and attend my high school reunion, and it was BABY TIME!  I finally met Mimi and Steve’s baby, Lily, attended Uma and Roland’s baby shower, and saw my sister Xavier pregnant for the first time!  It was so wonderful to meet (and anticipate meeting) the newest members of my family!

I also spent some quality time with my beloved grandmother and it was tough to witness how far her Alzheimer’s-related dementia has progressed.  My MommaDo was once always THE sharpest and wittiest person in the room, and it frustrates her to not be able to remember events that just happened.  I’ve recently discovered a great online tool called Lumosity and I recommend it to anyone who’ll listen.  With short, daily online training sessions, users are improving their memory and attention, and it’s fun and affordable.

You start by selecting the aspects of memory that you want to train, like recalling names after first introduction or remembering the location of objects, and then Lumosity creates a brain workout that reflects those choices.  Scientists have discovered that the brain can reorganize itself in response to new challenges, even through adulthood, and Lumosity capitalizes on that ability.  Pretty cool, huh?  Check it out, and may your brain continue to thrive!



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