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Let’s talk about… AGENTS!

OK – listen up, this is important:

This week we’re talking about the word every actor has a love/hate relationship with: Agents.

And, per my brand and my love language, I have a free gift to make your work so much easier.

Maybe you have an agent already, maybe you don’t, maybe you’re courting, or maybe you’re just getting ready to start your search. No matter what, my new Agent Meeting Guide will be perfect to make sure you nail your next meeting with representation.

Here, I go through everything you should have on hand for the initial meeting with potential representation- no matter if you’re over Zoom or in person. You know, the go-the-extra mile, stand-out, leave confident kind of details you may miss on your own.

But do you want the real pro-tip?
Everything in this guide is crucial to have on hand now, regardless if you have a meeting or not. It’s necessary homework to prepare you for an agent search and pitch, and also contains key important components of your artistic career you need to be aware of and take stock to make sure you’re capitalizing on all potential opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to download the guide and get to prepping!

I’m going to also encourage you to share the link ( with at least three other actors you think could benefit. Remember, in this family, we’re all about community over competition and lifting other artists up. This is an easy way to spread the love! 🙂

Let me know in the comments your takeaways from the guide! I always love to read them.

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