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In-Person Auditions: It’s Happening.

In the past month, I’ve had slightly more in-person auditions than self-tapes.

I know, at first I was like…..WHAT? Ultimately though, it is exciting to be in the room again and see some familiar faces. I also believe the room is such a special place to build relationships and let our light really shine, so we need to feel GOOD as we walk in!  And now that I have a few post-pandemic appointments under my belt, I want to share some of my top tips for getting back into the room.

1. Get In the Habit of Taking Ownership

We must feel confident and grounded as we walk into an audition room. Part of the beauty of self-tapes is having the control to stop, start over, and tweak until we feel good about what we’ve produced. I don’t believe we have to give away this agency in the room! Remember it is always ok to ask to restart a scene (within reason!), and to take a moment to ground yourself before you begin your performance. Casting wants you to succeed, and will not penalize you for taking a few moments to do so.

2. Get really clear on what you’re comfortable with in terms of safety

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