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How To Make Your Agent Target List

Every Thursday morning I sit down with my wonderful Actors Who Get It Facebook group, and have coffee (well… tea), and teach something I know would benefit actors of all levels.

Last week was such an important one, I wanted to share it with you. Now that pilot season is coming to an end, we’ve begun “agent season!” April is the month to grab those agent and manager meetings so you can start off episodic season in July with a powerful new team. The very first step to signing with your dream rep? Making a target list.
Just like casting directors, making an agent target list will absolutely help clarify your goals, get clear on the relationships you have and those you want your new rep to have, and will actually help you get new rep!
In this FB-live replay, I show you the exact steps to take to form your agent target list, so be sure to watch below!

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