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How To Become An Actor In Five Steps

When people ask “what do you do?”, what do you tell them?

Do you hesitate… even for a second… to proudly reply that you are an actor?

Do you feel a little weird claiming to be an actor when you actually make money doing something else?

I get it.

The times that we are living in – with rampant unemployment, whole industries on pause, and a lot of uncertainty – can make this question even harder to answer for many of us right now.

But the thing is, you ARE an actor. You have devoted your life to this artistic calling. And the fact is, most of the actors you admire do other things as well.

There are five simple principles that I believe define a person as an actor –  an artist who holds up a mirror to the human experience for others. Check out this video and let me know in the comments which one most resonates with you.

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