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Why Actors Need Sleep | #HealthyActorSeries

Spring is here and I’ll bet you could use some “recharging” after a crazy pilot season. All too often, between all the day job hours, networking events, and acting classes, we forget to maintain one of our most important assets: our health!

To help shed some new light on this topic, I brought in an expert: Yoga, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Paula Pister! She’ll be with us for a few weeks to discuss some new ways to think about your health, and some easy tips that you can implement to help improve your health right NOW.
This first one is packed with so much information, I could barely cut it down. We talk about the regenerative power of sleep, and why YOUR sleep time is non-negotiable. Watch the full video with Paula below, and be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take notes!

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