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All About Booking Out

“I need to book out…”

We hate to say it, our agents hate to hear it, but it is absolutely imperative that we do it.

Having to tell your reps you won’t be available for auditions is never fun, especially because some reps tend to put pressure on actors to be available. After all, being available for auditions IS your job… But let’s be honest… life does happen, and there will be times you just need to leave town.

Yes you’re an actor, but you’re also a person! You deserve to go on that vacation, to go to your friend’s wedding, see that newborn, visit that family member – without feeling like the world is ending.

Now that summer is here, you may find yourself having to book out a little more often, so in this very important #GuruTip, I’m breaking down 4 tips that can help you stay on your reps’ good side (and still go on that vacay!)

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