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Actors Thriving Through Grief and Loss

These words are all-too-common among our fellow actors:

“…I finally booked my first pilot and now it’s not happening…”

“…my mom’s immune system is compromised, and I just found out she is showing symptoms…”

“…I was so excited for this year because I’ve been working so hard, and now it feels like it’s all gone down the drain…”

Collectively, we are experiencing so much loss right now. Projects, goals, jobs, sickness, actual death — it’s a strange time to be alive. Wouldn’t it help to have some guidance and best practices to manage the complicated feelings of living through a global pandemic? In a special edition of the ARG Leadership Series, award-winning screenwriter Jamie Jensen joined me for a private discussion about the process of coping with grief & loss from an empowered place. Jamie created the Grief Warriors Facebook Group to support her community through this crisis. We talked about what to expect, plus tools and techniques you can start using immediately (yes, even while under quarantine) to bring some ease and calm.

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