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What To Do When You HATE Social Media

Raise your hand if you love Instagram? Me too. But what happens if it’s more of a love-HATE relationship?
OK – I get it. Social media is awesome… in theory. You get to post fun pictures, see what your friends are doing, maybe rant a little, right? But we actors know that sometimes social media can seem like work. We’re supposed to connect with industry decision-makers, share our new projects (but what if we don’t HAVE any new projects?!), promote our personality and our brand in addition to those new projects (but again, what if we don’t have any new projects!)… and honestly now it all seems a lot less awesome.
Three of my coaching clients told me they hate social media today, so I knew I had to make a #GuruTips video about it.
I’m showing you four steps you can take to HATE social media… but still get it done… the RIGHT way!

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