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Post Workout Pain

We shot some #SMACKUnit behind-the-scenes footage during our weekly stunt training session last night.ย  Imagine this: a total of four super-fit acrobat guys (2 pairs… they switched off, so they were always fresh) coming at you to “attack” you.ย  Constantly.ย  Yeah.

So I practiced my sequence about a hundred times, we filmed a few, and then I went home and died.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  It was a blast, but let’s just say I took a “rest day” today.ย  And regretted laughing every time I did because my abs are so sore.ย  #funstuff #kickingass #youshouldhaveseentheotherguys

We have just a week left of funding to make this show happen.ย  If you are waiting to make a pledge, please don’t wait any longer.


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