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Talking to Your Family – Tips for Actors

Ever heard any of these priceless quotes from your fam?

“….so… how long are you going to do this acting thing?”

“…what have I seen you in?”

“…what you’re doing is really great, but when will you start making money?”

if you’re like me, you have a few family members who just… don’t get it.

My uncle once told me I should just “get on Saturday Night Live! That show is funny, and your career will take off!” He even went so far as to claim that HE should be my manager, because he would know exactly what to do. (eye roll)

My friend’s mom asked her why she wasn’t in the film Crazy Rich Asians when it came out. I mean… she’s Asian, so obviously that should be easy, right?


As actors who are diligently traveling the (sometimes long) road to a sustainable artistic career, we know it’s not always easy to get these kinds of opportunities.

But do our family members have any idea what an actor’s path to a high-profile show like SNL or a huge film like Crazy Rich Asians is like? Nope!

So how do you react?

Do you roll your eyes and mumble a lame excuse? Or get pissed off and try your best to ignore them? Or smile weakly and then feel bad about yourself for a week?

You’re not alone, but there is a another way to handle this! In fact, I have a few suggestions for you in this video, so check them out below!

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