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The 2018 Actors Get It Done Challenge!

How long has it been since you updated your reel? What about getting your website up and running? Or added your headshots to your online profiles? Once I waited so long to upload my photos, that my photographer LOST my headshots. 100% true story.

I know that as actors our lives can get carried away by the craziness of our careers. We may have a job with weird hours, or acting class, and then oh! now we finally have an audition, so everything else get’s put on hold. It’s far too easy for the important things that really push our careers forward, to somehow not get done. I’m ready for that to change.

If you’re ready to up-level your career and starting GETTING. STUFF. DONE. than this is the #GuruTips for you. Watch below, and then join our FREE Actors Get It Done Challenge!

Each week I post a weekly blog on, focusing on tips and best practices for actors. Watch them all at!

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