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Starting with a “CLEAN” Slate

I’m starting CLEAN tomorrow.  It’s a 21 day cleanse, detox and diet program.  You have a shake for breakfast, a solid lunch from a list of approved foods, a shake for dinner, and your supplements throughout the day.  I’ve done it once before, but I did the do-it-yourself version that was described in the book.  This time I ordered the program, and I think it will be easier to follow the program and see the results I want.  I’m specifically looking to reduce my dependency on sugar, and just remove some of the toxins that are inevitable in this busy, city life.  I got my box of cleanse materials in the mail a couple days ago, and I’m so excited to start!  The support community is robust and there is a whole meal plan of appetizing foods to choose from, so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite “clean” recipes over the next few weeks.  Wish me luck!

image - Clean Box

2/3 of my meals for the next 3 weeks

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