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Porgy and Bess at the Ahmanson

Porgy and Bess (image)My friend Dennis gifted me with such a treat tonight – a ticket to see Porgy and Bess at the Ahmanson Theater in LA.  The experience made me realize a couple things: 1) I want to make more time to take advantage of the theater scene in LA, and 2) I need a regular weekly “artist’s date” and that starts tonight.  With a couple of exceptions the entire cast was great (I thought a couple of performances were caricatures).  But Nathaniel Stampley (Porgy) was amazing, and I had goosebumps when he sang.  I’ve since learned that this Gershwin opera has such a rich and controversial history… although it was first performed in 1935, it wasn’t considered a legitimate opera until the 70s, and some critics consider it a racist portrayal of African-Americans.  It struck me that with the exception of another black couple (and the cast of course), I was the only African-American in the theater that night.  But I enjoyed it.  I was moved.  I allowed myself to get lost in the richness of the music and the almost tribal choreography.  Good stuff for sure.  More artists dates to come.  I’m considering getting season tickets.

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Christmas Brown Sugar Scrub

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Here’s a quick holiday skincare tip…  The key to radiant, healthy skin in winter is plenty of moisture and exfoliation.  Try this homemade sugar scrub with all-natural ingredients.  It’s a simple, luxurious combination that’s super easy to whip up, and makes Brown-Sugar-Scruba great gift!


1 cup brown sugar

½ cup almond oil

½ tsp Vitamin E oil

1 tsp real vanilla extract

Mix ingredients well and smooth onto face or body.  This works especially well on dry, cracked winter feet.  It lasts on the counter for 2 months or more.  Put it in a pretty jar with a satin ribbon and give away handmade favors for your New Years celebration!

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Weekend Recipe – Bloody Caesar

When in Vancouver, do as the Canadians do… and they drink Bloody Caesars instead of good ol’ Bloody Marys.  They’re made with Clamato in place of standard tomato juice.  Clamato is tomato juice and clam juice, which I know… sounds questionable… but is really delicious.  Duplicate the Caesar by trying this weekend’s recipe:
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CLEAN Dinner Party

I had a dinner party last night for my friends who helped with me my move.  I was kind of surprised that the food was a big hit, even though the recipes were from a list of approved foods for the 21-Day CLEAN cleanse, meaning no processed foods, gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, nightshades, common allergens, etc.  Thought I’d share these healthy recipes with you here.  (You’ll have to multiply these for a large party… I served eight.)

Disclaimer: I served red wine to my guests, because I figure it would just be wrong to force them not to drink, and those of us who were detoxing had kombucha instead.  Also, I couldn’t do much about dessert – they ate non-CLEAN cupcakes and chocolate cake.  🙂 Continue Reading →