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Client List

Client List

Over the past few years I’ve done a huge amount of work for a variety of businesses, from small indy clothing labels to Fortune 500 companies. I thrive on constantly having new projects, new challenges, and new teams to work with. Some of the teams that I’ve worked with recently are listed below, as well as a small sampling of the more notable clients that I’ve worked with.

*Note: My client and studio list change all the time. A good portion of my work is protected under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), which means that I’m often restricted to witholding information about both who I work for as well as what projects that I am working on.


Shane & Peter

Projects include work for:

Acrylick Clothing
Ad Revenue 2008
Def Jam Mobile
Interactive One
Monterey Music Summit
Shakey’s Pizza
Smart Design
Travel Muse

and lots more…


This client list above represents a sampling of projects that I’ve participated in, but does not always mean that I was the sole entity hired for each project. In the case of many of these projects, the client company has hired another studio directly, not me. In these cases I share the credit of working on each project with the rest of the project team. If you’ve got a question any specific projects I’ve worked on though, contact me and I’ll be glad to share with you what I can. Rest assured, I’ve only listed projects where I have contributed a significant portion of the final product (my padded resume is much, much longer :P).

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