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Full Width Template


This is an example of a full width WordPress page, you can create and edit as many of these pages as you’d like in a matter of minutes. It’s easy and fun to create content, and if you ever want to change it, you have full control over making edits and changes. Pages are considered to be more or less “fixed” pieces of content within this theme, where as Blog Posts are something that I anticipate you’ll be making updates to on a frequent basis. Whether you want to release content as a Blog Post or a Page, it’s incredibly easy to do. Try it out for yourself, I’ll be happy to help you out if you run into problems!

You’ll also notice that you can have “sub-pages” that show up underneath a “parent” page. It’s easy to create these sub-pages, and the theme automatically lists them in the dropdown menu for you. It’s really that easy!

  • Full page control, including custom headlines and sub-headlines for each page.
  • Pre-styled content for all content types, including images, bold, italic, bullets, etc.
  • Sidebar are easy to customize through WordPress Widgets.
  • Contact forms, search forms, and all major WordPress content comes standard.

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