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My Year-End Ritual For Planning 2021!

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday break! Not gonna lie – I am feeling GOOD.

I have been taking it slow, spending time with cherished loved ones (both IRL and via Zoom…#2020), and celebrating myself and my accomplishments of the year.

You know, besides surviving 2020.

Sure, the goal list I made last year TOTALLY shifted as, well, you-know-what progressed. I definitely didn’t do everything I thought I would- but I also did so many things I wouldn’t have thought I’d have the time or bandwidth to do. Like, for example, exploring my craft through a bunch of different, wonderful online acting courses.

And remember – I don’t know what your specific goals were, but whether or not they were accomplished, everyone who has experienced this year has gained tremendous mental strength and resilience, and that’s no joke.

But forreal, I’m THRILLED to welcome in the New Year! Let’s do it, baby!

Learn my top three questions I ask myself during my year-end planning ritual to set myself up for a KILLER 2021!

Watch this video and see what I mean!

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