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The 2012 ABC Talent Showcase is tomorrow

Me, Jahnika Blythe and Meagan Holder
AKA “the black girls in the showcase”

…and I’m exhausted.  I wanted to try to get to bed early tonight, but I had to make a last minute trip to the mall at Hollywood and Highland to get some wardrobe options for tomorrow (we’ve revised my character (yet again!) to be a bit more sexy and demure than funny and quirky), and then a quick trip to Target for some thank you cards, then a phone call from an old friend, and now I’ve finally washed my face and brushed my teeth for bed and it’s 1 AM.  How does that happen?  This whole showcase process has been completely nuts, but soooo much fun!  The best part by far?  The friends I’ve made.  Cheesy, but so true.  For the last week, me and my fellow 11 actors have been cooped up for 13 hours per day at the El Portal Theater.  Eating 3 meals per day together, laughing endlessly, overcoming frustrations over our scenes, tweaking and re-tweaking our performances… I can’t believe it’s all going to be over tomorrow by 8:30.

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